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Getting Friends On MovieStarPlanet Vip

Friends are the best part of a human life. From school life to college to old age we spend our all time with friends. Well, MovieStarPlanet Vip (MSP) is MMO game where you play this game with your online friends. To play this game, you can download it from Google Play Store or IOS iTunes. If you don’t have any Smartphone then use your computer to play this game. You just need a Smartphone with ideal specification and if you are playing this game on the computer then you need a web browser with flash player installed in it. The best thing about this game is you can play this game on every platform very easily.  You have to make friends in this game and talk with them.

Importance Of Friends On moviestarplanet vip

Friends are important for everyone. If you have friends in this moviestarplanet vip then this doesn’t mean they are just for waste. You can talk with them as well as you can ask them for help like giving the rating for your movies. Whenever they will watch your movie you will get views for that. So try to have more than a hundred friends and if every one of them watches your movie then you are surely going to get thousand of starcoins.

How To Get Friends

Keep a friendly style and be nice to talk with strangers. A friendly nature guy gets friends easily. Behave like a friend to every new person you met. Being friendly and supportive is the best way for getting friends. You want views but this doesn’t mean you just talk about getting views. Sometimes you can ask about the moviestarplanet game and review it.  Don’t insult anyone and bully your friends. If they are getting insulted then they are going to be against you instead of being friend with you. You can get respect just on respecting others.

Adding Friends

Don’t send the friend request to those who are on the higher level than you. Most of the people on higher level don’t add small level guys easily. If you met anyone in the shopping center or anywhere else and you want to add them to your friend list then must talk in proper manners and using right grammar because some of the guys can’t understand what you are saying. Well, communication gap can’t let them add you.

Chat Room

Sometimes you can visit chat room and talk with new friends there. You can meet some new and awesome people there. Try talking nicely and you can their way of talk if you like that. Try emojis while chatting with new guys. Emojis have the good impression on new people and this emojis help in killing communication gap.

Now, use these all tips to get new friends and add lots of friends. In starting this seems hard because you have to talk with them as well as play this game collecting starcoins. You can use the MovieStarPlanet Guide for collecting more starcoins. Actually, this is a web tool which you can use for getting more likes and take precaution before using this.

New Upgrades And Features In Boom Beach

There are various games, which are growing in their worldwide popularity. Among so many options available, it is mandatory for you to work on the best ones, and Boom Beach is always there on the first step. You will be glad to know that these games are gaining popularity for their amazing graphics and sound support. And Boom beach is fascinating and known for its amazing and exciting rounds. You will never know what you are going to get later. So, that makes the game even more worthwhile.  And with new updates, this game is turning out to be much more popular than ever.

Know about the latest stuffs

There are some latest changes taking place in Boom beach. It is not that difficult for you to find out about that. Log online and get detailed information, right away.

  • You are about to come across some extra builders, ready to create a strong base for you. it will prevent enemies from entering your site that easily.
  • With the help of these extra builders, you get the opportunity to construct 2 buildings, at the same time.
  • Here, the extra builders are coming across with some monthly subscriptions automatically, and those are available from the Diamond shop.

Extra features to look into

You are quite acquainted with the basic features, which this game has in store for you. However, there are some additional services, which might be used for accentuating the value of this game.

  • It comprises of hot pot. This is a devastating flamethrower, which is hidden and procured only from prototype weapon.
  • You are even going to take help of the Grappler. This is a tricky device to be sure, and drags troops across base.
  • If you proceed further, and research a bit more, you will come across another new form of Prototype weapon. These will definitely help you to win a round.

Get some help online

It is mandatory for you to work on the gaming challenges, in order to win a round over here. There are so many interesting packages online like, which are hard for you to miss.

  • In the new feature, you will realize that Boom beach come across some massive changes. You can see a whole new inbox, around here.
  • Moreover, there are some new weapons, which will help you to destroy your enemies’ and the camps, and win you the trophies, you have been eyeing for so long.
  • Moreover, you can even get more information about how to hack boom beach when required. This might not be something new, but what you have waited for so long.

Dealing with the perfect status

There are some interesting features, which make the new Boom Beach update, what you have asked for. In case, you want to deal with the best one, make sure to get in touch with experts for that. They will always offer you with the right guidance, you have been asking for, so long. The features are hard to miss, and come with so many winning strategies, over here, as well. The services are hard to miss.

Discover The New Planet Of Billiards With 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool guides

8 Ball pool is a fascinating and addictive gaming app for the iOS platform. It features a robust online family and colorful graphics. Develop by esteemed firm Miniclip and designed and optimized primarily for iPhone 5, this wonderful billiards game lets players share the impulse with friends from their Facebook and Miniclip Communities. I must admit that prior to starting to play this game; I was a little worried that I won’t have enough luck against opponents. I play billiards in real life quite often when I visit the physician, not because I disregard it or something, but because the opportunity barely arises.

Fortunately, I discovered that no matter how bad or amateur you are at real pool game, it has little effect on your skills and winning mettle in this game. It’s because the app is very easy to understand and casual yet sincere players like me do find it challenging but never discouraging. Additionally, the game entails advanced options for the expert ones so that they don’t bored. Dealing with the basics is always the first job. You can start playing as an esteemed miniclip member or you can do so as a Facebook user, which is my favorite platform. Playing as guest member requires no username or registration. There is a guide for beginners available online if you are not familiar with it.  Once you’re on board, you can either play with pals or get one-on-one matches with random users.

You also have the third option of playing a tournament. However, the game’s features are not that ready to support this precedent. Strangely, I discerned in other players’ profiles that they had already participated in tournaments. It might be a bug or it may be some option for playing tournaments in beta testing format. The game comprises five interesting levels, namely London, Sydney, Moscow, and Tokyo making way for Las Vegas in the ultimate stage. To play around, you need to play the entry-fee in the in-store or in-game currency. You can of course use the 8 ball pool hack for free entry and free coins in no time.

But the original game entails progressively higher costs. It’s just like a gamble. If you win one game, you end up winning twice the amount paid. Fundamentally, you win back your coins long with your opponent’s share. Does it remind you of medieval age gambling? The only difference is that if you lose a game, you would lose coins, but your stake won’t come down below the zero point. In the table, you use your finger to adjust the cue stick’s angle. You can also see the trajectories of the pool ball and the one you’re aiming for.

For playing after the rack gets broken by the cue ball, you just need to adjust the pool stick’s angle with your finger. Here, two lines appear. One shows the ball’s trajectory and the ball you aim for. After adjusting everything to your style and liking, you can pull back the concerned power meter, which is initially located on the left. You can also move it for determining the strength and potential of your strike. The more you pull it down and release, the better and harder will be your strike on the cue ball.

Things a player should know about Simcity Buildit

The Simcity Buildit is one of the best played online games that allow you to enjoy in several platforms like Game Center, Face book or even Google play account. Once you log in any of your devices, you do not waste the time and simply start playing a game. The specialty of this game is keeping regular updates with new improvements and contents. It also brings chances to the players for getting amazing deals in the neighborhood towns. Whenever you visit the friend’s cities, you will surely get a lot of gifts and bonuses. If your connection gets lost suddenly, you do not worry about it; rather you continue your game even in offline mode and try to reconnect as quickly as possible.

simcity game guide

In the Simcity Buildit game, the currency is known as simoleons that specially serve the way for all your citizens to collect more rewards for upgrading and creating new building structures as well as roads. By using this currency, you are able to purchase trade and also get the amazing deals. Another important resource on this game is simcash that can be used to speed up the things a little bit and also make you to earn some bonus for your city goals. To get currency and simcash for your game play, you can make use of simcity buildit cheats that can generate unlimited amount of resources for improving your city.

Common tips to play Simcity Buildit

When it comes to playing Simcity Buildit game, you have to keep following some awesome tips to play that include:

  • Make sure to keep every citizen happy. If you fail to do this, you may leave your beautiful city so you must be careful in it.
  • The commercial and residential zones are couple of things to keep them satisfied. Here, the residential zone offers you most valuable citizens to build homes that increase your city population.
  • In order to speed up the production, you just want to spend some simcash for expanding your storage capacity. Make sure that all production items are valuable.
  • By using trading post, you are able to get the desired materials at reasonable prices. When you visit other player’s cities, you don’t forget to check out the trading post that saves you a lot of money.
  • The roads are very important to connect everything on this game, so you have to know your way to become the successful mayor.

Best ways to get Simcity Buildit coins

  • Presently, there are several possible ways available to get free coins in the Simcity Buildit. First of all, you should make money with equal differences from the global trading market.
  • There are more deals available in your city. However, completing the deals is an awesome way to obtain extra money.
  • After making your purchase, you just want to complete your cargo shipping orders that look like periodic deals and allow you to exchange more items for coins.
  • For any upgrades and special premium buildings, you just purchase using simcash.